The Spider-Man PS4 Hype

When it comes to Spider-Man movies, there’s always going to be an endless debate between who played Spider-Man the best. Was it Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Tom Holland? In my opinion, it’s Tobey Maguire, now that’s due to nostalgia, but no matter what answer you pick, someone […]

The PS3 Launch Console

As I mentioned in a previous article, Sony stumbled with the PS3 mightily when it was first released. Plagued with a ridiculously expensive price, a lack of games, the early dominance of the Wii, and the one year head start of the Xbox 360, it’s still surprising that […]

I’m Back!

Hey everybody! After I’ve been gone for several months, I’m back and this is the brand new There’s going to be some great content on here, including more volumes of Game Over: Mistakes in Gaming History, interviews featuring video game collectors from around the world, and much […]