Digital vs Physical Collecting


As a video game collector, there’s nothing better than holding a game, complete in box, and adding it to your collection. But as technology has progressed, so to has the ability to purchase games. Now, virtually every new game that is released in stores is released digitally as well, and it begs the question. If you own a digital version of a game, can you claim it as part of your collection? For example, I own about 20 digital Xbox One titles, but I don’t really consider them as part of my collection. Sure, I know I own them, but part of collecting are the aesthetics. Putting your games on a shelf, being able to pull out a rare game and open the case and say, “I own this.” Physical media is timeless, and they have value. You can’t sell a digital copy of GTA V, but you obviously can with a tangible version.

Another advantage to physical media is that you aren’t handcuffed by discontinued servers. Say in 15 years, Mircosoft shuts down the Xbox One servers, even though the games are downloaded onto hard drive, there is a possibility that I won’t able to play them anymore because the servers don’t exist anymore. An advantage for digital downloads though, is that it doesn’t require any storage space, other than space on your hard drive. My collection isn’t near as massive as others that I’ve seen, and not only can collecting physical games take over a room, it can take over an entire house, and I like the ability of having 20 plus games on a 3×4 inch external hard drive.

So, when it comes down to it, there are pros and cons for collecting both forms of media. Really, it just comes down to personal preference. Either way, you can’t go wrong because collecting is collecting, no matter physical, or digital.

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