Gaming Memories: Game Manuals


Some of my fondest memories as a gaming lad, was getting a new game, ripping open the plastic wrap, and reading that big juicy manual on the car ride home. Most of the time, in my case, my mom would stop at seemingly a million places before I could finally get back home and pop in that coveted disc. So, all I had to quench my thirst was filing through the bright colored pages of the game manual. The contents would include an overview of the plot, short descriptions of the main characters, different gameplay modes, and most importantly, the controls. I would try to memorize all the various controls before I got home to play it, that way I’d feel like some kind of genius before dying five minutes into the game. Plus, it was a great reference when you completely forgot how to do a certain move, and you could just grab that trusty manual and find out how to do it.

Now, from what I remember, around 2008 with the recession, is when I noticed that the big bulky game manuals that we used to have were starting to reach extinction. Most likely to save money during the economic downpour, gradually manuals got smaller and smaller to the point where they don’t even exist anymore except on a digital scale. It’s an item that people my age have fond nostalgia for. As a collector, there’s nothing I love more than getting a PS2 game or original DS game that has the manual included. It just brings back memories of the good ol’ days as a young gamer.

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