Gaming Pet Peeves: Game Installations


Growing up, there were few things more exciting than getting a game that you had your eyes on for weeks, months even. You looked at all of the trailers, read all of the preview articles in EGM or Game Informer magazine, and watched all of the review to see if it was worth your hard earned $60. So after getting said game, you knew that you could immediately jump right into decapitating zombies, or casting fira spells. But then something happened starting with the PS3, now required with the PS4 and Xbox One, mandatory game installations.

The purpose of this is that the game data is saved on the console hard drive, meaning the actual disc doesn’t spin while the game is being played, thus, it helps with load times and persistent frame rate issues. So now when you buy a game, you have to wait 3-4 hours while it installs 30, 40, 50 gigabytes worth of game data, making the notion of “jumping into a game”, pretty much obsolete. It’s a damn annoyance to have to wait so long just to play a game, and honestly, who has the time to wait for four hours while it’s installing. To try to remedy the situation, after it installs at around 10%, you’re able to play a small fragment of the game, but it’s such a small amount, you should just wait it out anyways. For instance, with a fighting game, you can do versus mode with a couple of characters, or with sports game, you can play a quick match with two teams, essentially likening the game to a demo version. What a tease! At this point in the world of gaming, there’s no way around game installations, but damn do I miss the simpler days, and damn do I hate game installations.

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