Gaming Pet Peeves: Season Passes

When the recession hit in the late 00’s, gaming was seen as the best entertainment value in comparison to money spent. Buy a game for $60 and get 20-30 hours worth of enjoyment, 50-60 hours if you buy a Japanese RPG. Compare that with $15 for a two hour movie, or $40 for a night of drinks. Now, we’ve come to the point where developers seemingly believe that we are all made of money, because EVERY game these days has a season pass. So in addition to paying $60 for the game, they want you to spend $30-60 for all of the extra content and DLC after the release of the game. Don’t get me wrong, I like an extension to some of my favorite games like Fallout, but when Street Fighter V has a season pass for extra characters who should be in the game in the first place, it’s extremely frustrating. I feel like developers now purposely hold back when putting content in their games because they know there’s a possibility of squeezing another $60 out of us. I know it has to do with the evolution of gaming, and again, games like Fallout that really do add a massive amount of extra content are completely fine with me, but it’s to the point where we don’t need every single game with season passes that contain map packs, weapons, or dumb costumes, and that’s exactly where we are headed.

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