Is It Time to Buy a Wii U?

Nintendo tried to capitalize off the massive success of the Wii by striking first in the Eighth generation console war, releasing the Wii U a full year before the PS4 and Xbox One. With minimal graphical improvements from the original Wii, and still lightyears behind the competitors, other than the Wii U Gamepad which was essentially a prototype for the Nintendo Switch, there wasn’t much to attract consumers that weren’t already Nintendo loyalists. What made the original Wii so popular was that it was widely accessible to even the lightest gamer. Your grandmother could play it. Your seven year-old cousin Sally could play it. Hell, your drunk Uncle Frank could play it, even after ten shots of Fireball. But when the Wii U came out, the market had changed and evolved. Mobile phone apps overtook the attention of the casual gamer, steering away potential Wii U buyers who may have previously purchased the original Wii. With that being said, minus the plethora of useless shovel ware, the Wii U did have a good bit of gems to play. Pokken Tournament, Bayonetta 2, Super Mario Maker, and Super Mario 3D World are just some of the critically acclaimed titles for the system. Regardless, the Wii U sold extremely poorly, selling only about 14 million units compared to around 101 million original Wii’s sold.


As any collector knows, the lesser amount of units sold, means that eventually the price in the coming years will be higher. So I advise anybody that has a Wii U, to hold onto it because it will certainly be worth something in the future. For those collectors out there that don’t own a Wii U yet, strike while the iron is hot because I’ve seen Wii U’s for some awesome deals, and with the Nintendo Switch craze, people might be selling them even cheaper just to get rid of them. So go out and get a Wii U, it’ll be a great part of any collection.

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