Was I Wrong About The Nintendo Switch?

The reports are in and the Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling launch system ever for the Mario makers, while The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is equally their fastest selling launch title ever. Surpassing the juggernaut launch sales of the original Wii, there’s no way the Switch is destined for failure, right?


Well, in my previous Nintendo Switch article, I listed quite a few reasons why I believed this console would fail, but that was in January, and over time, the public response to some negative aspects of the console turned out to be received quite positively, especially in regards to the Joy Con controllers. In all honesty though, the reason the Switch has sold so well is because of Zelda. Easily the frontrunner for game of the year, it’s one of those games that can rapidly move consoles off of store shelves. In addition, this day and age everybody wants to jump on the current hype train. The Switch is like the hot new girl or guy in class, and people are forgetting about their old crush because what’s new is different, and what’s different is cool.


Regardless, I firmly stick to my stance that the Switch will be a failure. It won’t sell as poorly as the Wii U, but it’s going to follow a similar pattern. Amazing first party Nintendo support, a handful of stellar third party exclusives, and some decent, but mostly poor multi-platform ports. Oh, and I can’t forget the vast amounts of shovel ware that also plagued the Wii and the Wii U. The content just isn’t going to be there in the long run compared to the Playstation and Xbox. Seriously, how many good games are going to be out between now and Super Mario Odyssey, which hopefully is released as early as this holiday season.


Big ups to Nintendo though for a successful launch. As much money as the Wii made them, the Wii U burned most of it up in smoke. I know I can’t personally invest in the system now, but I’ll own one in the next year or so because I’m an avid fan of just about all of Nintendo’s franchises. There’s just no way in hell that it could be my main console, so thank God I own a PS4 and Xbox One, because I’d go mental if the Switch was the only current gen system in my collection.

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