Gaming Pet Peeves: Price Stickers

There are few things that frustrate me more about game collecting, than dealing with those stupid price stickers that are plastered on almost every used game. GameStop is the ultimate perpetrator of this crime. They abuse each used copy in the store with the trifecta, or unholy trinity of price branding. One on the top right corner of the front, another on the bottom left corner of the back, and worst of all, that dreaded sticker on the spine. There are some instances in which the spinal sticker is placed on the actual cover art, making it virtually impossible to remove, turning said game into the red headed stepchild of your collection. Let’s not forget that double, triple, or quadruple layered sticker which will no doubt leave nasty residue on your game case.


You would think that buying a game on Amazon or eBay might be a little better, and sometimes it can be. But there are moments when you come across one of those big bookstore, or local game store stickers. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that are twice as long as the ones from GameStop, and that much stickier. It’s utter horror.

Now, I’ve become a Shaolin master when it comes to taking those ugly warts off of my beautiful case. Peel nice and slow, and for the most part, you can avoid any mess or leftover sticker bits. But there are those occasions when you have to wave the proverbial white flag, and come to the realization that it’s better to have that stupid sticker on your case, than to make it look worse than Mickey Rourke’s face. A sad but true reality is why price stickers freakin’ suck.

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