Game Genie Wishes: Replacement Case & Manual Site

As a collector, part of the gig is owning an incomplete game. There are times when you get a game with no manual, no case, or both, and you’ll eventually want a CIB (complete in box) copy. For me, the best solution to this problem is eBay. There are a decent amount of people who sell replacement cases or manuals, but it’s just not enough. Even popular games only have a few actual replacement options on the site.

Surprisingly, there’s no dedicated, standalone website where collectors can go and find most, if not all types of replacement cases and manuals to help complete their collection. Need the case for Super Monkey, it’s there. Need the manual for Drakengard, it’s there. Need the case and manual for your lonely loose cart of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, that’s there too. I’m optimistic that in the near future, a site like that will exist. I understand that it’s quite an undertaking to start up something like that, but God know that’ll make any game collector’s life just that much easier.

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