Gaming Pet Peeves: Game Pre-Orders


When I was younger, I would pre-order a video game because the employees working behind the counter would instill the fear of said game being in such demand, that no pre-order meant no game on the day of its release. So naturally, I would do this with most every game that I wanted to own as soon as it came out. But as I got older, a blockbuster game like GTA V would be released and I could walk into any given store, and get a copy, without a dumb pre-order. So what’s the point?

Some people may do it to get the select bonus that comes along with their pre-order. But nowadays, its normally an exclusive costume, gun, or in-game currency. Those are not nearly as spectacular as getting The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest that came with reserving The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, not even close. The two reasons a pre-order is truly necessary, are in the case of getting a new console, and getting a collector’s edition of a video game. Other than that, there’s virtually no reason to do so.

I get so frustrated when employees at these retail stores, hound you so effing hard for a damn game reserve. The game will be there, available for purchase, regardless of whether I pre-order or not. And that’s why I haven’t pre-order a game in many years, and won’t do so for many more.