Gaming Pet Peeves: 3DS Game Saves


Let me preface this by saying that I love the Nintendo 3DS. It’s one of, if not the best handheld system ever made. The gaming library is vast with variety, the ability to play old school classics on the Nintendo E-Shop is awesome, and the graphical upgrade between the original DS to the 3DS is greatly under appreciated. The only critical problem I have with the clam shelled console is that game saves aren’t saved onto the SD card.

For instance, I played the crap out of Super Smash Bros, unlocked every character, and completed all the challenges. Then, over 25 games in my collection were stolen, with Smash Bros being one of them, so when I purchase another copy, I either have to start from scratch, or hope that whoever owned the used cart before me unlocked most of the goodies. That to me, is extremely frustrating.


I mean, I’m a collector so I always intend to keep all of my games, but some people own a game and trade it in for another without finishing it. So what if in a couple of months, they want to pick up said game again and continue from where they left off? Well, you’re out of luck and have to do everything over again. As much of a DS fanboy as I am, the PSP, released all the way in 2005, had the ability to use a memory stick to house game saves. Granted, that’s because it used optical media, but still, even PS Vita games save to the memory card despite the use of cartridges.

Overall, this is certainly a gripe I have with the 3DS, and though I love this system, I wish Nintendo could toss us an update in which the option is available to either move saves to the SD card, or make that the default setting. Most 3DS owners have an SD card of some sort, and game saves would hardly fragment the available storage on it. With the 3DS out on the market for more than seven years, I’m 99.9% sure than an aforementioned update will never happen, but I’ll still hold out the 0.01% possibility that maybe it could.

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