Why I Love: Persona 5 on PS3


The 7th generation console cycle that consisted of the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, was the longest in gaming history. Needless to say, the golden era for those consoles have been long gone, and apart from multiplats like sports games or Call of Duty, you’ll be hard pressed to find any new triple A titles being released for them.

This is what makes Persona 5 being available on the PS3 such a momentous release. Just like how Breath of the Wild was originally developed as a Wii U title, so was Persona for the PS3. Eventually, the length in development time meant that the focus of those games shifted to newer, more powerful consoles, but both Nintendo and Atlus delivered on releasing each respective game on the system it was initially made for.


Now, the sole reason I decided to get a PS4 was because I wanted to experience Persona 5 in the next generation, but not everybody is able to afford that leap, and may still be rocking with the PS3. I, along with critics, have fallen in love with this game, as it’s easily one of the best RPG’s in years. I think that it’s awesome that others who don’t have a PS4 can still get to experience such a phenomenal game, because as a gamer, I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to play great games.

With the popularity of the PS3 in Japan, there are numerous PS4 games that also get ported to the older system such as Tales of Berseria, Star Ocean: Intergrity and Faithlessness, and Yakuza 0. That hasn’t really happened too much stateside, so I certainly commend Atlus for breaking the trend.


It’s safe to say that Persona 5 on the PS3 is probably the last or one of the last triple A ports that will see the light of day on the console. If that’s the case, then it most definitely went out with a banger.

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