PS Vita: The Ultimate PSP/PS1 Handheld


I’m going to start this article by saying that I’m guilty of being fashionably late to the PS Vita party. I picked one up nearly 5 and a half years after its release, and thank god I did because it’s easily my favorite handheld ever. Not only are the graphics amazing, as a fan of Japanese games, there are an abundance of quality titles to choose from. Options like Persona 4 Golden, YS VIII, Lost Dimension, and Dragon’s Crown are just a few examples of the great games available on the Vita. I haven’t even mentioned remote play with your PS4, which essentially turns your Vita into a handheld PS4. But I digress. This article isn’t about me gushing all about the Vita, but I will gush about something that people who love digital games will appreciate. The PS Vita in my opinion, is the ultimate PS1/PSP handheld.


The PSN Store is an amazing haven for digital games and on the Vita side, other than being able to obviously download Vita games, users also have the ability to download PS1 and PSP games. Now let’s start with the PSP. We all know about the ill-fated PSP Go, but amongst its many negatives, the best thing it did was provide downloadable versions of a vast majority of the PSP library, and given that most games are under a gigabyte, Sony has kept said library on the PSN Store. The biggest positive though, is that the prices for most of the PSP games are under $10. Even though I’m not a fan of digital games, I’d much rather buy Valkyria Chronicles 2 digitally for $10, than physically for $25. Same with Hexyz Force, which is $15 digitally, and $35 for a physical copy. So people on a budget can enjoy some of the PSP’s rare, but critically acclaimed titles.


For me though, my favorite perk of the PSN Store on the Vita is the ability to play PS1 games. You’ll be surprised to know that there are over 250 PS1 classics available for download. The collection runs the gamut from Parasite Eve, to Metal Gear Solid, to Final Fantasy IX. The Vita is hands down the best portable PS1 and virtually any classic game you can think of, you can download, usually under $10. Sure, the PSP is also capable of running the PSN Store, but you miss out on the awesome Vita perks like dual analog sticks, also, the built in WiFi in the PSP is rather archaic and extremely hard to use in 2020, so the Vita is the sure fire way to go.

Now as a disclaimer, I do want to add that PS Vita memory cards are stupid expensive, but if you can get past that and invest in a 64 gb card, there are hundreds and hundreds of games to download, and endless hours of fun to be had.