Gaming Memories: Demo Discs

Every console nowadays has access to the internet, accompanied with some version of an online store. So, no matter if it's a handheld or home console, there's a way to download demos of the latest games. But before that became possible, it was all about the demo disc. Demo discs normally consisted of a handful … Continue reading Gaming Memories: Demo Discs

Why I Bought a Wonderswan Color

As a huge fan of the MetalJesusRocks YouTube page, I admit that I've watched many of his videos, numerous times. The videos I've looked at the most, have to be his buying guides. So a couple of days ago, I was eating lunch, and decided, why not pair my Moe's burrito with a Wonderswan buying … Continue reading Why I Bought a Wonderswan Color

Gaming Pet Peeves: So Many Games, So Little Time

One of the main reasons that people collect things, is to amass a large amount of items that they thoroughly enjoy. The problem that many video game collectors have, is that you own such a plethora of games, that there's just not enough time to actually play through and beat a lot of them. One game … Continue reading Gaming Pet Peeves: So Many Games, So Little Time